Broadband At Sea

Life at sea is easier with FleetBroadband. Increasing commercial demands on ship operations means enhanced connectivity is essential – regardless of your vessel’s position. Aside from navigation, the Master needs to perform a host of other duties, from updating weather information, route-planning and ordering supplies, to maintaining crew morale by enabling them to call and email home. FleetBroadband gives you the power to meet these challenges head on and takes your vessel into the IP era.

Delivered via the Inmarsat satellite network, FleetBroadband provides constant, simultaneous access to voice and high-speed data services, on a near global basis. You can send and receive email with large file attachments, comfortably run complex data applications and make voice calls at the same time – more affordably than ever before. The terminal has been tested and approved to Inmarsat’s exacting standards.

Regardless of the type or size of your vessel, FleetBroadband offers a compact solution that can easily be accommodated, providing you with optimal connectivity – no matter what your position or the conditions at sea.

FleetBroadband Services
  • Standard IP – For email, internet and intranet access, at speeds up to 432kbps over a shared channel
  • Streaming IP – Guaranteed data rates on demand up to 256kbps. Choose the data rate on a case by case basis, depending on your application
  • Voice – Make voice calls at the same time as accessing your data applications. Voicemail is also available. Group 3 fax is supported via the voice channel
  • ISDN – Supports ISDN at 64kbps for your legacy applications
  • SMS – Send and receive text messages – up to 160 characters

Superior Performance – FleetBroadband gives you faster, more cost-effective access to data services. Besides constant, real-time weather and ECDIS updates, you can use more complex applications with confidence. Its simultaneous voice and data capability means that operational systems can be running online and you can still access email, your intranet and make voice calls – all via a single terminal. So the Captain can get on with managing the ship, while the crew are calling or emailing home.

Global Coverage – FleetBroadband provides global coverage, other than the Polar regions, on Inmarsat’s I4 satellites.

Superior Performance – FleetBroadband gives you faster, more cost-effective access to data services. Besides constant, real-time weather and ECDIS updates, youUnrivalled Reliability – You can depend on Inmarsat, whatever the weather, with average network availability exceeding 99.99 percent. FleetBroadband terminals are designed specifically for use within the marine environment and have been rigorously tested to exacting standards.

Network Integration – FleetBroadband can be rapidly deployed across your entire fleet and, as a standard IP service, seamlessly integrated with head office networks. Terminals operate globally and the user interface is standard across all FleetBroadband products. FleetBroadband supports the latest IP services, as well as traditional circuit-switched voice and data for your legacy applications. You can choose between a standard, shared IP service and guaranteed data rates on demand – with the ability to select the rate according to your application.

SAILOR FleetBroadband Terminals – Three models of terminals are available to accommodate everything from leisure vessels to fishing and transportation ships.

  • SAILOR 150 – Entry Level with speeds up to 150kbps
  • SAILOR 250 – Speeds up to 284kbps
  • SAILOR 500 – Top of the line with speeds up to 432kbps

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