Hughes 9450-C11 BGAN Mobile Satellite Terminal

Budget-friendly, high-performing, and durably-built, the Hughes 9450 BGAN with C11 Antenna is designed for the most demanding customers. Its lightweight and compact design, combined with its powerful BGAN features and affordable pricing, make the Hughes 9450-C11 terminal an excellent choice for government agencies, first-responders, emergency medical teams, broadcasters and security personnel. Accessing the INMARSAT system of global communication satellites, the Hughes 9450 can connect in just minutes, and keep your entire team in-contact while on-the-move.

Key Features:

  • Fully autonomous tracking antenna acquires and tracks the BGAN satellite signal while on-the-move
  • Simultaneous use of Ethernet and WLAN for IP data plus RJ-11 or ISDN for voice
    • a
    • Four Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports
    • Built-in WLAN access point
    • Two RJ-11 ports; one each for voice and fax
    • ISDN port
  • Internal Web User Interface (UI) for configuration and control without the use of LaunchPad
  • Web MMI is accessible via Wi-Fi-enabled smart phones
  • Auto context activation feature allows data connections to be activated without user action
  • Multi-user capability (up to 11 simultaneous sessions)a

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